Bitcoin Freedom

Be part in co-owning the first Liberland property

Terrace, Restaurant, Lounge and more...

To ensure your time on board with us is as carefree and enjoyable as possible, a spectacular terrace awaits you. As you view the coastline along the way, here you can unwind, relax, work on your tan, read a book or simply do nothing except watch the sun go down.

Ensuite Luxury Cabins

Bitcoin Freedom has 10 private ensuite luxury cabins designed with neutral tones and a classic contemporary décor to make anyone feel a sense of comfort and tranquility. Our staff are here to make you feel welcome and make you feel at home even if you traveling alone. Are you here to celebrate an important occasion, we will do our very best to make sure it is nothing but that.

On board our ship is a solid wifi so you can take your work and keep your project going as you sail. We offer co-living and co-working environment so you never have to worry about your work or your business holting, nor sharing this adventure on social media with your friends.

Indulge your savvy palette in our fancy restaurant as we delight you with our inspiring and diverse cuisine. Dare we say we boast of our fantastic coffee and tea that is a must to try at our cafe. A collection of your favourite cocktail, and our famous Liberbeer and more for every night of your holiday is available from the bar. If you feel the need for some recreational activities or perhaps socialize with your friends or other guest, a comfortable lounge is at your disposal.

Bitcoin Freedom interior

2019 is our year and it can be your year too!

Buy one of a few cabins

Become a property co-owner for €50k and receive renting profit share.

Your cabin, your name!

One of the benefits of purchasing a cabin is that you are eligible to name it.

Priority Booking

Shareholder automatically receive priority in bookings when it comes to events such as Anniversary of Liberland, conferences...

Acquire Citizenship now

Buy a cabin and you will automatically become a citizen of Free Republic of Liberland.

Bitcoin Freedom tokenization

First tokenized Liberland property

1 000 000 tokens

Ship is owned by Liberland company divided into 1 milion tokens that represents its 1 milion shares.

Profit share

Tokens ownership qualify you to get Bitcoin Freedom profit share (including restaurant and accommodation profit).

Backed by real property

Token represents share of beautiful Bitcoin Freedom ship.

First tokenized property

Be first who will own tokens of first Liberland property.

I want to buy a cabin

and become a co-owner of the first estate in Liberland
One of the benefits of purchasing a cabin is that Citizenship comes with it

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