Own the very first Liberland property
and receive Liberland citizenship

Liberland Houseboat Interior

2019 is our year! Be with us!

We are building continuous presence in Liberland.

Buy property share

You will receive security tokens representing one tenth ideal part and corresponding profit share.

Get free citizenship

Buy 1/10 share of Bitcoin Freedom and get free citizenship more info.

Help to build our dream

Join our Liberland community on site and be the first one to settle our country.

Get priority booking

Get priority in booking Liberland anniversary, celebrations and conferences.

Bitcoin Freedom tokenization

First tokenized Liberland property

1 000 000 tokens

Ship is owned by Liberland company divided into 1 milion tokens that represents its 1 milion shares.

Profit share

Tokens ownership qualify you to get Bitcoin Freedom profit share (including restaurant and accommodation profit).

Backed by real property

Token represents share of beautiful Bitcoin Freedom ship.

First tokenized property

Be first who will own tokens of first Liberland property.

I want to buy a houseboat in Liberland

Houseboat price is 80 000 EUR.
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